About Joanne M. Weselby



Joanne M. Weselby (1985- ) was born in Sutton-in-Ashfield, England and grew up a stone’s throw from Sherwood Forest. As an adult, despite health difficulties, she went on to obtain a first class BA (Hons) in English Literature and Creative Writing from Nottingham Trent University. She was also awarded the Five Leaves Prize and the Pat McLernon Prize for outstanding achievements in her chosen field.

She now runs her own business (Magpie Creative Writing Services), working as a writer, copyeditor, researcher and ghostwriter for hire. She has been involved in a number of successful projects. She has also written a number of her own books, whichΒ are available to purchase in both digital and paperback format from Amazon, Smashwords, Scribd, and CreateSpace, amongst other retailers.

18 thoughts on “About Joanne M. Weselby

  1. Yes, my apologies, I did get your email – I have been trying to put together a bit of a plan for the book. I was hanging on until I had something that wasn’t all over the place. I’ve not been very well lately, which is why I’ve been delayed…


    • You’re welcome, Oliana, and than you very much for such kind words. I have struggled with my health for the last ten years, although over the last couple of months there have been additional systems I have had to cope with. I am coping with it all quite well, though, thanks to the kindness or others like yourself πŸ™‚


      • I completely agree about the sense of community here on WordPress… we’re just one big, loving digital family! ❀ πŸ™‚ It's a gift, really. I'm not all that good at making friends in the 'real' world, but here, it's like there's someone interesting around every corner (like you!)… So glad I started!


      • I have other blogs I started earlier but this one, under a nom de plume allows me to write anything at all which allows for my creativity. I first started to write about my online dating experiences, then poetry about the sadness and it just grew to more traces of my soul…whispering insights πŸ˜‰

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  2. When spoken at its best — even the dialects — it is a wonderful thing to hear. When slaughtered by laziness and ineptness, the English language is grating to the ear. Thanks for crossing the Big Pond to visit my online writing studio, and for choosing to follow my work. It’s a bit project-filled at the moment, so not much flowing.

    I’m wondering at putting you in touch with another Brit who has a long, long struggle with the British health care system, and who could use a nudge in writing her story.

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