‘Citations Made Simple: A Student’s Guide to Referencing Vol. III: The Chicago Format’ is now on sale!


Hooray! At last, the third book in the ‘Citations Made Simple’ series is now available for purchase as both an eBook and a paperback!

This book is the third in a series of guides for the four main formatting styles (APA, Harvard, Chicago and Vancouver), and focuses on the Chicago footnotes format. Information is given on the general requirements of the Chicago footnotes format, the correct way to cite sources in footnotes, and all the formatting requirements for different types of bibliography entries.

The following ‘how-to’ information is included for both footnotes and bibliography citations:

* Referencing a Printed Book
* Referencing an Online Book
* Referencing a Section or Chapter of a Printed Edited Volume
* Referencing a Section or Chapter of an Online Edited Volume
* Referencing a Printed Journal Article
* Referencing an Online Journal Article
* Referencing a Printed Newspaper Article
* Referencing an Online Newspaper Article
* Referencing a Printed Report or Data Set File
* Referencing an Online Report or Data Set File
* Referencing a Dissertation or Thesis
* Referencing a Source Without a Named Author
* Referencing Visual Material

Citations Made Simple VIII v1m

The book is available to purchase from:

Amazon UK

Amazon US



… and many other retailers, including Amazon (all countries), Apple’s iBook Store, Barnes & Noble, and Scribd!



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