Second Review for ‘Never Too Late’…


I’ve received another review, and it’s a good one!

Review by: Eileen (aka Vintage 1956)

“I have read your book and wish that I had seen it eight months ago when I started my university and student loan applications. It has answered all the questions I had and some that I should have thought of, but didn’t.  I start my course on Monday with a much broader understanding of the processes involved and my apprehension about Freshers Week lessened considerably.  
I found it well laid out and easy to read.  It didn’t overwhelm me with technicalities – I like things clear and simple (University for Dummies).  It was interesting that you felt slightly out of place when you were only 6 years older than the school leavers – I’m old enough to be their granny. 
Thanks for allowing me to read it.”

If you’re interested in checking out the book, Never Too Late: A Mature Student’s Guide to Going to University, it can be found on Amazon UK, Amazon US, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, CreateSpace, Scribd, and the iBook store

You can get 10% off for your purchase if you buy from Smashwords before 30th September using promo code MH26C!


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Never Too Late: A Mature Student’s Guide to Going to University


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