Review for ‘Never Too Late…’


So, my first review is in, and it’s a good one!

Review by:  Nam Nguyen (aka Synamex)

5 out of 5 
Very well thought out and light read as it was meant to be. It felt much like a very thorough conversation than a drawn out written guide to being successful, which makes it something you can finish reading in one sitting and still gain much from it. I Enjoyed the book very much and hope to apply it if ever I decide to come back to continue my education. Definitely recommend it even if you don’t live in England you can still relate to it. The information is very universal in that all school systems will bring up these circumstances and conditions imposed on a student.

Review from Smashwords

If you’re interested in checking out the book, Never Too Late: A Mature Student’s Guide to Going to University, it can be found on Amazon UK, Amazon US, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, CreateSpace, Scribd, and the iBook store

You can get 10% off for your purchase if you buy from Smashwords before 30th September using promo code MH26C!

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2 thoughts on “Review for ‘Never Too Late…’

    • It’s so great to find so many people out there, like me, in the great big digital world! 🙂 I wrote the book because I, too, could have done with a few pointers. Hopefully, there are current mature students out there who might find it to be helpful! 🙂


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