Make A Meaning…


Not sure if any of you are aware of the wonderful project currently being undertaken by Alice Belgrove via Behance, but I think it’s something really quite special. Click here to see the project so far…

Basically, Alice is intent on assigning extinct English words new meanings, so that they can be reincarnated and reintroduced into the language. She invites members of the public to contact her in order to be assigned a word – that person then decides what the new meaning of the word will be.

Some are funny, witty, inspired, thought-provoking and/or downright laughable.  I’d thought I’d share with you my own two contributions.

Drollicdrollic   droh-lick
(adjective), (slang)

A negative statement of opinion, used to describe situations inducing enough mental trauma to bring on physical symptoms of pain.

Describing a hellish or near-impossible task

Specifically, the sensation of having one’s head ‘bashed in’ by overwhelming amounts of emotional and/or intellectual information



charabanc     sha-rah-bank
(adjective & noun)

The name given to a personal collection of low monetary, but high sentimental, value

The box of old memories left behind by friends/relatives when they pass away

The act of hoarding away reminders and keepsakes of happy and/or significant memories






5 thoughts on “Make A Meaning…

    • I loved the idea too 🙂 It’s like they’ve been given a new breath of life… so many of the words we use everyday have shifted from their original meanings, and so I think it’s a lovely idea to do this consciously and deliberately…


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