Hitting the big time!


Barnes and Noble

How exciting!! I just found myself on Barnes & Noble’s webpage!  Click here to view…




13 thoughts on “Hitting the big time!

    • Thank you very much Arielle 🙂 I’m relatively new to indie publishing, and I swear, every time I sell a book or find out that I’ve popped up somewhere else on the Internet, I turn into a bouncy, gleeful little child! 😀 It’s such a wonderful feeling!

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  1. As a mature student starting my final year, I wish I’d known about your book a few years ago. It would have been a god send 🙂 I still may purchase it. I will definitely be getting your essay book. They always come in useful 🙂

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    • Part of the reason I wrote it so that when I went to Uni, there was nothing like this really out there. Obviously, at the time, there were a lot of people like me out there feeling the same way! 🙂 It may still come in handy, especially if you have exams in your final year, are struggling to find time to fit all your work in, or are unsure what to do once Uni’s over… As for the essays, I hope they do come in useful 🙂


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