An idea for a new book…


Given the popularity of these ‘What a Beautiful Language’ posts, I’m considering writing a book about some of the oddities of English…

Is there anyone out there who would be interested in reading something like this?


19 thoughts on “An idea for a new book…

    • Yes, Jon, you’re right, it is, and there’s no way I could cover everything! I thought each chapter could address a different perspective on, and/or aspect of, the English language that’s a little quirky. Don’t want it to be too in-depth or heavy, though. I just thought that it might make for an interesting read… 🙂


  1. And the fact that your work is genuinely ‘arty’ rather than simply being thrown together by someone who understands computers is kind of the appeal! I have this mental image of piles of books and old maps, with writing over the top…. Some of your work on Saatchi and FineArt has the exact vibe I had in mind! Your work really is beautiful, by the way… 🙂

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