Twitter Games: #ExplainAFilmPlotBadly


Has anyone seen the recent trend on Twitter for explaining the plot of a film badly? If not, take a look… #ExplainAFilmPlotBadly

I’ve attempted a few of my own. Can you guess what these are?

(1) Will Smith smokes a cigar & steals a foreigner’s ride, teams up with a vegan hacker on a 2-man hate mission to space…

Click here for the answer

(2) A dead guy & a guy who’s sometimes a dog are trapped in a love triangle with a girl who jumps off cliffs for attention…

Click here for the answer

(3) There’s a train. People wave sticks at each other. Two dudes with three faces squabble over a stone. The kid wins…

Click here for the answer

(4) A pale Scotsman swims in a toilet that would make Glastonbury proud, after shagging a schoolgirl and shitting the bed…

Click here for the answer

(5) A young boy has a nervous breakdown in the attic of his school, and thinks his mother’s name was “Moonchild”…

Click here for the answer

(6) A public school teenager plays a saxophone in a cave, then everybody stands on their desks and quotes Walt Whitman…

Click here for the answer

(7) Colour-coded criminals mess up a bank robbery, then commit sadism to 70s music…

Click here for the answer


There’s some brilliantly witty, funny and downright stupid ones out there at the moment. Here are some of my personal favourites…

Racially diverse group journeys to a volcano to destroy jewellery (from @LOTRReactss)

These children go to absurdly dangerous chocolate factory. It’s like Battle Royale but with diabetes (via @edfomeara)

A rich white man actually thinks he can keep a bunch of dinosaurs in cages (via @actionavey)

Rubbish nun dresses singing children in curtains, shags their father & runs up a mountain pursued by angry Germans (via @CraigsContinuum)

Guy who doesn’t know he’s a ghost follows a small boy around like a pervert (via @CraiggyPops)

A huge battle to save a school from a guy with no nose (via @MagicLawrence)


Feel free to share your own bizarre plot synopses in the comments below! 🙂



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