Feeling generous!


Given the success of the Smashwords 10% off promotion for my latest eBook, ‘Never Too Late: A Mature Student’s Guide to Going to University’, I have decided to offer 20% off ‘First Class English Literature Essays’, when you buy from Smashwords before 1st October!

This eBook provides a varied collection of English Literature essays which received First Class/Distinction at Undergraduate level. They can be used to assist your studies in a particular topic or as a more generalised template of how to go about answering your essay question.

It contains essays on the following topics:

* Queer Theory
* Postcolonial Literature
* Modernist Literature
* Classic Greek literature
* Black British writing & society
* Poetry and Sonnets
* The Construction of Individual Identity
* Reality
* Appropriated Voices

You can view more information about the book by clicking here.

Use promo code SD77Y to receive 20% off your purchase!

Alternatively, you can buy both digital and print editions from Amazon or CreateSpace


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