Politician (a poem)



You only want me
for my indecency

and all the things
I could do to you.

Such sweet, talking
fucking meat.

But know this: I can
take you or leave you

but I don’t leave you,
now do I, my love?

More than anything
I fear the fondness

attached to all my
imagined encounters.

So I let you rain
your lies upon me

Collecting pools in
my hands, like milk.

You have made
filth my only friend.


7 thoughts on “Politician (a poem)

  1. Thanks for following my blog “Saving School Math”. It would have been Maths in England but I am now in Puerto Rico (USA).
    I shall follow you now, after reading this one. I am reminded of Christine Keeler (Scandal) but the boots was on the other feet.
    LIKE !

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