‘The Bubblegum Tax’ ( a ‘found’ poem)


The Bubblegum Tax


(now i’ve got my ticket,
i don’t care about the dirt and grime.
we’re together this time and it’s beautiful.)

one … six … thirteen … twenty-three … twenty-nine … thirty-four

(ok, so i jest.
reality is only image and text,
the feel of space between your fingers.)

sixteen … thirty … thirty-four … thirty-seven … forty-one … forty-two

(i’m starting to speed up,
my bubble still holding, thank fuck.)

three … five … twenty-three … twenty-eight … forty-two … forty-nine
the jackpot this time: ten million.

(i’m left empty-handed
my soul sliding down the glass
encasing this bubblegum town.)



(This ‘found’ poem was adapted from Irvine Welsh’s Acid House, pgs196-197, and the UK National Lottery Unexpired Numbers Archive)


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