‘Leavers’ Blues: Why I’m Missing the Blood, Sweat and Tears’ (An Article)


Leavers’ Blues: Why I’m Missing the Blood, Sweat and Tears

During my third year, my friends and I would often joke about what a relief it would be to graduate from University. We fantasised about escaping the pressure of deadlines, being judged on something other than grade percentages and reading books we actually liked for a change.

What I was not prepared for was the overwhelming feeling of sadness I feel now, knowing that in a few weeks I won’t be going back.

I know what you’re thinking – the grass is always greener, and all that. You may even have a point. However, my current angst is generated by more than just frustration with the current employment market and graduate opportunities available.

Truth is, I actually miss studying. I had a reason (and the motivation) to broach new subjects, conduct in-depth research and to stretch myself to the limit comprehending complex ideas.

I know saying that I miss learning isn’t really very cool – I’m supposed to be nonchalant in my approach to knowledge. However, the information junkie in me is screaming to be fed!

Financial restrictions have prevented me from embarking on postgraduate study as I would’ve liked (though I hope that at some point in the future this will be possible). In the meantime, I can only hope to successfully secure employment within an organisation dedicated to the active promotion of learning within the workplace.

Either that, or I’m going to have to wean myself off that addictive stuff we call knowledge.

Let’s hope I can avoid the latter!

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This article is also available to view via http://blog.grads.co.uk


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