‘Joanne is…’ (a poetic experiment)


Joanne is…

Joanne is plagued by pirates and threatened by climate change.
Joanne is just £24.75 every 3 months with direct debit.
Joanne is a frigid, violent and downright strange place.
Joanne is how the ‘Mpemba Effect’ got its name.
Joanne is the mind-body dichotomy dissolved.
Joanne is nothing more than firing neurons.
Joanne is not a hiding place for fraudsters.
Joanne is taking laser warfare to the sea.
Joanne is the weirdest of all 171 moons.
Joanne is rival sperm in post-coital war.
Joanne is it our fault you have failed?
Joanne is killing America’s bats.
Joanne is the volcano, stupid.
Joanne is a super-size Jesus.
Joanne is Florida’s shame.



The sources of this experiment were all taken from: www.google.com



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