My first eBook is now available to purchase on Kindle!


First Class English Literature Essays: A Collection of Short Essays

First Class English Literature Essays

This book provides a collection of English Literature essays which received First Class/Distinction at Undergraduate level. They can be used to assist your studies in a particular topic or as a more generalised template of how to go about answering your essay question.

The topics covered include:

* From Beowulf to Blake: The Evolution of the Individual Identity (An Exploration of Identity in Beowulf, Hamlet and The Marriage of Heaven and Hell)

* The Sonnet and Its Blurred Boundaries (An Analysis of Paterson’s 101 Sonnets)

* The Revelation or Concealment of Reality (Plato Versus Aristotle)

* Contestation of Britain’s Status as a Multi-Racial Nation (Gilroy’s Challenge of High Society)

* Tearing Down the Binary (The Multiplicity of Hall’s Queer Theories)

* Interrupting Salih’s Migration to the North (Complications Arising from Bhabha’s Location of Culture)

* Appropriated Bodies, Appropriated Voices (The Silenced Women of the South African Transition)


This book is available for the bargain price of £2.44, so get your copy today – you won’t regret it!!


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